Disposable Micro Brow Sharp Needles
Disposable Micro Brow Sharp Needles
Disposable Micro Brow Sharp Needles
Disposable Micro Brow Sharp Needles
Disposable Micro Brow Sharp Needles

Disposable Micro Brow Sharp Needles

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  • 🌟 PERFECT MICRO STROKES THAT WILL STAY CRISP FOR YEARS... When you use our disposable microblade pens, you can always be confident in your results! Our tattoo needles are ultra sharp and will allow you to draw crisp, detailed, and very precise feather strokes. Your microstrokes will stay vibrant, clear, and defined for years to come. Your clients will love how their perfect eyebrows make their eyes glow and provide a symmetrical frame for their beautiful face.
  • 🌟 #1 MICROBLADE PENS FOR YOUR THRIVING SUCCESS! If you are looking for the best professional microblading supplies, you will love our Madluvv disposable pens. They are great for beginners and advanced artists to give your clients symmetrical and explicit brows to show off. Don't be surprised if random strangers come running into your studio begging for an appointment after hearing your client's rave about you and their gorgeous brows! It's all about using the right tools...
  • 🌟 CREATE FLAWLESS BROWS EVERY TIME! The quality of your microblading pens makes all the difference in shaping flawless and full brows that your clients will rave about. Our premium Madluvv disposable pens are the most popular and trusted needles used in the microdblading industry. Our tattoo blading & shading needles will make you stand apart in the quality + consistency of your work. Now you can elevate your micro blading skills to a whole new level of perfection using our Madluvv Tools!
  • 🌟 ILLUMINATE YOUR CLIENT'S CONFIDENCE AND BEAUTY... Never worry about "dragging" the needles across your clients skin and creating uneven brows and strokes. Our double-sided microblade pens smoothly glide to shape and shade stunning brows - every single time! With our ultra sharp blade, you will be able to accurately start and finish each stroke to your liking. Plus, the grip of our pens are designed to sit comfortably in your hand, allowing your wrist to move ergonomically and functionally.
  • 🌟 "MY LIFE ISN'T PERFECT- BUT MY BROWS ARE!" Providing our amazing microblading tattoo artists with the highest quality microblade pens is our highest priority. Get ready to fall in love when your 10 Pack of Madluvv pens arrive at your door in sterilized blister packs (EO gas sterilization). You can click the yellow "Add to Cart" Button today with total confidence, knowing that you are getting the best supplies for microblade professionals!

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As the Founder of Madluvv Brows, I am extremely passionate about sharing success tips and tricks to fellow Microblading Artists. With an extensive background in makeup artistry, my career flourished working with film, fashion, and special event makeup. However, the highlight of my career has occurred as a microblading artist and teaching other artists at my brow academy.

I absolutely love teaching students from all over the country and helping them feel empowered to stand apart as a top professional in the huge permanent makeup industry. But I saw a huge need for better microblade pens to allow for precise, accurate, and clean looking brows every time.

And so I decided to create Madluvv Disposable Pens with one goal in mind- "Success in every brow."

-Maddie Thompson, Madluvv Founder

Reasons to Love our Madluvv Disposable Microblade Pens:

❤️ Ultra-Sharp Blades

❤️ Draws Crisp, Clear, & Defined Microstrokes

❤️ Will NOT Drag on Skin

❤️ Individual Sterilized Blister Pack for Client's Safety

❤️ Ergonomic & Very Comfortable Handle

❤️ Disposable for Easy Clean Up

❤️ High Quality & Consistency With Every Pen

❤️ Great for Beginning and Advanced Microblading Artists

❤️ Individually Labeled with Lot Number, Manufacture, & Expiration Date

❤️ Protective Cap for Sanitation & Protective Purposes

Multiple Styles to Fit You

- The curved-blade is perfect for creating beautiful curved strokes and can be used for the entire brow.