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Are you looking to add a new trending skill set to your studio? Angie will be your mentor as you enter the permanent make-up world. Schedule your first lesson on a MONDAY & she will help you learn the fundamentals of microblading in two weeks time. You'll spend 2 consecutive Monday's at the studio with her & she will give you lots of homework for in between. Angie will provide you with the following:

  • Microblading Fundamental Training for Beginners
  • Manual Shading
  • Different Hair Stroke Templates
  • Combination of Hair Strokes & Shading
  • Skin anatomy, contrandications, health conditions, healing process, touch-up sessions, after care, & more.
  • Lifelong Support

Book today & become a mircoblading artist! 

$1,999 Training, $999 deposit to be applied to total cost of training                (Includes State Licensing)